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Welcome to the 41st Meeting of the Wireless World Research Forum

Theme "Future Technologies for Business Ecosystem Innovation"

The 41st Wireless World Research Forum meeting in Herning, Denmark, is a new departure, extending the Forum’s reach beyond the technological paradigm. The theme, Future Technologies for Business Ecosystem Innovation, not only encompasses technology, but also associates it to the relevant business domains, toegether defined as the Business Ecosystem. We therefore invite academics, researchers and industrial representatives to share their views and present technical results on future technologies, business models and ecosystems, to discuss critical business and regulatory aspects, and to present advanced technology findings that will impact the future socio-techno-economic systems.

Why attend the meeting

Learn and focus on future strategies
Discuss views of key industrial leaders
Get a full overview of the latest in 5G implementations and visions
Grasp unique networking opportunities
Hear about trends and new ideas in wireless communications
Share insights on research discussions and visions of the Wireless World